Our Assessments

We use a range of reliable assessments to help provide a detailed and informed picture of your workforce. These include:

The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) is the only 360 degree competency assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that are causing a leader's pattern of strengths and limitations. The Leadership Circle Profile helps leaders to understand the relationship between how they habitually think, how they behave, and, more importantly, how all this impacts their current level of leadership effectiveness. LCP puts leaders in touch with what is working, what is not and why.


Resilience @ Work (RAW)

Resilience @ Work (RAW)

The Resilience at Work (RAW) Scale is a self-report instrument, which measures an individual's workplace resilience. A validated psychometric instrument, the RAW Scale is useful for individuals and teams to identify resilient strengths and opportunities for building resilience. The instrument measures seven subscale components, all of which contribute to overall individual resilience. The RAW Scale specifically focusses on workplace resilience.


Hogan's Leadership Suite

Hogan's Leadership Suite

The international authority in personality assessment and consulting, Hogan Assessments has more than three decades of experience dramatically reducing turnover and increasing productivity by helping businesses hire the right people, develop key talent, and evaluate leadership potential.

Grounded in more than a century of science and backed by the largest and most complete pool of research in the industry, the Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics, core values, and cognitive reasoning ability.

Hogan’s portfolio of employee selection, development and leadership tools allow companies to better manage their most valuable assets – their people.



Myers Briggs Type Indicator<br>(Step I and Step II)

Myers Briggs Type Indicator
(Step I and Step II)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument is a highly versatile solution that helps people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they interact and work with others.

Through the creation of a common language to easily communicate the complexities of an individual's personality, the MBTI® instrument provides the reliable insights you need to improve the performance of your people, teams and organisation.

This instrument also offers invaluable inputs for ongoing team building, leadership and coaching, conflict management, career development and retention initiatives.