Performance Coaching

A blueprint for improving employee performance.

Providing feedback, particularly when an employee's performance falls short of expectations, is one of the most critical functions a leader performs. But for many, it is one of the most dreaded and, therefore, avoided.

At SarreODL, the core component of our performance coaching program is the Performance Conversation Framework© which we developed in 2009. The framework is informed by the work of leading researchers, academics and organisational psychologists Chris Argyris, Don Schön's and Roger Schwarz. Their ground-breaking work in adult development, organisational behaviour, and organisational development forms a strong foundation.

The Performance Conversation Framework© provides leaders with a blueprint for planning and holding performance conversations with employees. Whether they are casual and informal conversations or more serious and formal in nature, the framework supports leaders in preparing for these tasks.

What our clients say

"The conversation is still natural and flowing – not stilted and awkward."
"I include the important things in the conversation and don't leave them out."
"The Performance Conversation Framework© has given me the confidence to actually address these issues in the workplace."
"It helps me to keep the conversation on track."
"Provides a structure to plan these conversations – I now know where to start."